Deejo is an Illustrator and graphic Designer based in Perth.

I have been drawing since I was 5. My first love was dinosaurs, and I used to draw them everyday until I found comic books. 2000AD was a massive influence on me when I was a kid, me and a friend of mine used to copy all the frames and try and draw in the different styles. When I found out some of my favourite comic book artists had a Graphic Design background I went and did a TAFE course.

So since then I have been thrust into the world of Graphic Design. An Illustrator at heart, I have always looked for a way to use that in my designs. I have been lucky enough to be involved in the local hip-hop scene through my long association with the mighty Syllabolix crew of musicians, and have done over a hundred different gig posters for various hip hop acts and clubs over the last 5 years.

While my history lies in digital illustration, recently I have branched out and gotten back to my roots and started painting canvas again. This has really ignited my craving for producing art, and I hope to have my first exhibition sometime soon in the future.

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For more of Deejo’s work check out his flickr page:


Suzan says:

Hi Deejo,

Saw your artworks at the Gallery in Port Hedland and absolutely loved them.

I was wondering if you would mind drawing a design for our all-girls dodgeball teams uniforms – how much would you charge for design work?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you :)