Acknowledged as one of Western Australia’s most promising young artists. David Spencer has held successful solo and group exhibitions across Australia for the past ten years. Featured in a range of state and national publications including Australian Art Review and Australian Art Collector.

Spencer’s vibrant and dramatic art is an observation of the modern industrial world. His paintings are emotionally charged with bright colour and are enlightened by pattern and reoccurring symbols.

With these elements combined, we discover a composition that both dignifies his imagination and the subject he chooses to explore.



Recently acknowledge by Joy Legge (Art Bank) in Insite Magazine as an artist to collect for under $5000, Spencer has had several group exhibitions both in Western Australia and interstate, as well as a sellout solo exhibition.

Spencer’s attack of the canvas with vibrant and dramatic colour, rhythm, pattern and symbol, is stimulated from a modern industrial world. His paintings are emotionally charged as he abandons artistic control to push, experiment and express. With these elements combined, we discover a composition that both dignifies his imagination and the subject he chooses to explore.

Upcoming solo exhibition at Code Red Art Gallery, Friday the 18th of August 2006

“Finding Emily” 2006, Mixed media on canvas, 250 x 180cm

“Driving To Wanaka” 2005, Mixed media on canvas, 250 x 150cm

“A Delight To Have” 2005, Mixed media on canvas, 180 x 128cm

“3 weeks in Sydney” 2005, Mixed media on canvas, 150 x 90cm

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Anonymous says:

Was exposed to your work through a visit to Curtin uni by the lovely ladies from Bernard Seeber Architects that organize the local Pecha Kucha night. Was amazed by your use of colour and texture and the brave exploration of a painting by willingly sacrificing the painting beneath it. A very interesting method that I think could benefit in many areas of design. And of course…when we were told of the story behing Finding Emily all us girls let out a communal sigh. Very sweet. Anyway…keep up the good work…all the best.


karen says:

Hi David,
I realise this has nothing to do with those paintings, didn’t know how else to make contact.
Just some words of appreciation for inviting me to your birthday lunch! (Fab food!) It was great to not only see you again but also to meet and chat to your beautiful Emily.
Your such a special man.
Despite the few drinks you may have shared around your birthday, I felt you had a genuine interest in my family, as I have in yours. This didn’t go unnoticed because I think Michael has difficulties accepting my sons. He doesn’t see them that much as only the youngest one lives with me. He is kind but lacks an interest in their stuff. They truly are great boys and they really like Michael. I just put it down to no kids, lack of relatability.
Anyway, we would love to catch up in Freo with you and Emily( for some oysters!)
Have an awesome week,
Lots of love, K xx

Hiya Sally,

Thanks for the kind comments. Emily has been quite the inspiration! I’m actually heading to Pete’s old house (now brother Tim’s place) this weekend for his birthday, so I might catch you there? Hit me with an email and I’ll send you an invitation to the exhibition.
Aahh yes! It was quite fun being a model for a day. The rumours are true too. I didn’t eat all day except for gin & tonics. I think there’s a follow up article in this coming Sunday Times Homes & Living mag. Hope this finds you well and smiling.

Dave X

Sally MacKinnon says:

Dear Dave

Hi Dave, I’m Al’s wife, we’ve met a couple of times through Jade and Pete. I spoke to you about your next exhibition at Pete’s wedding, you gave me one of your business cards with your website address etc. I love the painting ‘Finding Emily’ it’s beautiful. I really liked the one you did in response to Patrick Suskind’s book ‘Perfume’ at Pete and Jade’s house. Good to see that a $13.99 bonds red t-shirt looks just as good as a $100.00 designer one (as seen in the STM ad photo). I hope to see you at Code Red to say hello with Al.

Kind regards

Sally M

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the comments. Not sure as really how to answer, so I’ll post a public comment as a reply. I use both acrylic and oil paints, though at the moment it’s mainly acrylics.
Yeah, bring a cheque book, but more importantly, make sure you say G’day at the exhibition. Thanks for the support!

Scott Armstrong says:

Awesome work …. love the detail and vibrancy of the colours used !
We definately be making the date of the exhibition in the diary … might even try and save some $ to invest
One question acrylic or oil based paints ?